The awards logo takes on the golden words bearing Global Business Leadership Awards to signify the peak of sustainable business leadership. While the three dots of colours, blue, green and yellow to be interpreted as the harmonization of sustainability.

Each represents key aspects of sustainability in Corporate Leadership – Economic (Blue), Environmental (Green) and Social (Yellow) and the palm leaves represents victory for being at the peak of sustainable leadership.


About the 12th Asia Pacific Sustainable Forum

The Asia Pacific Business Council for Sustainability (formerly known as Asia Pacific CSR Council) in support of the Sustainable Development Goals is presenting the 12th Asia Pacific Sustainable Forum (formerly known as Asia Pacific CSR Forum). Since the inception of its first edition in 2008, the forum was hosted first in Singapore thereon in Beijing, Taipei, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.

The aims of the forum is to discuss matters of importance of how sustainability can be a force for good for business growth, good governance, human capital, society, and how all these can contribute to a better world in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

The organisers has found a common mission statement to advocate the Sustainable Development Goals – to empower people and organisations to create positive change within their sphere of influence. By providing opportunities for companies and organisations to showcase their performance in business sustainability, we are supporting the Sustainable Development Goals, and its goals and targets to embed markets and societies with universal principles and values for the benefit of all.