•  An opportunity to network with the best global leaders, CEO and peer to peer networking

•  Increase and create quality in Human Capital management

•  Acknowledge and Reward the Best Leaders in the Industry

•  Showcase potential young leaders to lead and create transformation

•  Knowledge exchange among the awardee recipient

•  Media & news coverage, positive publicity and media opportunities

•  Improves your company’s public image and relationship with stakeholders and consumers by associating your brand with the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals

•  Improving government relation

why should you attend?

The Awards programmed are exclusively meant for the C-level professionals i.e. CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CTOs, CSOs, CROs, Members and the Chairman of boards, Celebrities, sports Personalities, Community Leaders and other key organizational leaders with distinguished activity, exceptional leadership qualities and prominent achievement in the area of corporate sustainability and corporate responsibility.

There are a total 35 awards and each of these awards are reserved for each business sector as listed. Nominations will be requested from the organizations and individuals. Final selection of winners will be made on the basis of professional judge’s assessment